From Our Customers

I just got my Lumi today! I can't tell if my family is more excited about the Lumi or the fact that we can finally thow away the nasty toilet brushes I've been reluctant to throw away all year! Thanks team for all your great work this is really well done!

Will Leingang

Got mine yesterday

Good looking product and overall design :)

Gal Kortzak

We love our Lumi's. They work beautifully, and once we found the right size tiny screwdriver, we were set!

Lauren Rodriguez

What is LUMI?

LUMI is an intelligent toilet brush and base system with self-cleaning technology. Let LUMI do the work for you!

After cleaning, simply return the brush to the base. The Smart base recognizes the brush has been returned to storage and the cleaning cycle begins!

How it Works




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The Cleaning Problem

It’s no secret that the toilet brush is the grossest thing in the bathroom. But even when the smears and smudges seem to be gone, the bacteria and germs are not!  

The Germ Cycle

Current toilet brush and base systems just perpetuate what we call the GERM CYCLE. This is simply the transfer of germs and bacteria from one location to the other, and never really getting rid of the ecoli.

Your toilet bowl can house over 3.5 MILLION bacteria, per square inch

Often times,

bathrooms are cleaned just enough to pass the Visual Inspection but, while that may earn you a (check mark) on the list of daily chores, it doesn’t protect you or other people using the bathroom!